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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Golden Doodles Due Soon!!!

This was a winter Doodle puppy from 2009....
How adorable?
She climbed up a snowbank, onto the big ol' pigpot I use for begonias...
And then re-thought her choices, LOL!

Libby is due to have her puppies any day!  Please pray for a safe and happy delivery.

Of course, our beautiful daughter-in-love
Karen is due this week as well.
Anna Elizabeth, can't wait to see you!
Hold you!
Tell you stories about your dad!  ;)

Supplies and heaters are ready. Monitor is hooked up.

For puppies.

Cell phone is with me at all times.

For Karen!!!

This is like having a newborn baby in the house.

Only they'd arrest me if I sold newborn babies.

That's okay!

Stay tuned.....

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