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Monday, July 4, 2011

Can't Find Camera....

This is the file pic of Maddie's second litter.
Because somehow this week my camera disappeared. And my cell phone camera
is, well....

Kind of prehistoric. Really. So this is what the baby Goldens look like:

And this is what Mama looks like:

And this is what Hearthside's McDreamy looks like:
Isn't he gorgeous?

And he comes from so many AFC, CFC, Senior and Master Hunter lines that it's almost
embarrassing. Very smart dog. And nice. And just a touch needy... like...

"Pet me. Please. Now."

Sweet fellow. This is what he looked like as a puppy in Minnesota:

I knew the minute I saw that "locked in" gaze that I wanted him.
To be that young and that focused. 

Puppy list is started. Price $600.00, cash only.  Pups are AKC registered. Father hip-cleared. Puppies will be vet-checked and ready to go in 4 weeks.

Call 585-392-2763 for more info or to set up a time to come visit us.

And the puppies, of course!

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