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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

One Puppy Remaining!

What a crazy, fun week this has been!

Three of the pups have found homes.  Two of them have gone off to be hunting dogs, and you couldn't find a better line to pick a hunting partner from. Mick's hunting heritage is amazing, a long list 
of Master Hunters, Senior Hunters, American Field Champions and Canadian Field Champions. 
Awesome lines.

This is our last puppy from Maddie's litter:

He's gorgeous. He's got Mick's coloring, red over blonde and he's inquisitive. Always hunting, listening, checking things out. We call him "Cappy".  He looks very much like "Champ"
but a touch darker.

He isn't afraid to steal the cat food, wrestle with the kitten, or cuddle in my lap.

The cute kid with him????

My friend McKenna. 

She is not for sale.  


Price: $500, cash only, please

Phone:  585-392-2763

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