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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Puppies!

An Amazing Year!

I had two new books come out in 2012....

And I have four books releasing in 2013!  

Sadie found a new home with a lovely family in the Gates/Chili area.

Mick is still living with my beautiful niece and her adorable husband and kid here in Hilton.

Our stud dog "Hearthside's McDreamy".

And we have Libby-the-Poodle expecting the week of Easter (March 30-April 5th, in that area)

Hearthside's Lady Liberty "Libby", chocolate brown Standard Poodle
Gorgeous, great temperament, smart, intuitive, no-shed.
And Maddie....

Hearthside's Madison O'Malley, a gorgeous red Golden Retriever, sweet, attentive,  great disposition.
Who went into heat the exact same time as Libby....

Is having her last litter during Holy Week.

So we'll have Mick X Maddie registered Golden Retriever pups just before Easter...

And Mick X Libby Golden Doodles the following week.

This will be our last pair of litters.... We've had so much fun with the puppies and the lovely families we've 

come to know, but it's time to let our gals relax...

And grow old with me!


Puppies will be priced at $600.  They will be vet-checked and raised in our home, acclimated with children, cats, dogs and chickens! 
The Golden Retrievers will be registered with AKC, and they come from strong Midwestern lines
including Mioak, Wham Bam, and Thistlerock.

If you're interested in putting your name on our list of potential buyers 
(no money needed at this time, we'll just keep you apprised of what's going one)

Call me at 585-392-2763

Or you can e-mail me HERE

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  1. Hey, will you take a slightly-psychotic, pain in the neck, Pavlovian, very muscular part-Lab in trade for a puppy?

    No? Didn't think so. ;-)

    Can't wait to see pics! *hint hint*