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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring update 2011!!!!!

This is Maddie.

When she was a baby, of course!
That's Seth and Lacey in the background.

And this is Maddie when she graduated from good puppy class:
We're so proud!  :)
And let me just add Maddie NEEDED a good puppy class, so be fore-warned.
Puppies are.... well.... Puppies.

And this is Maddie now:

 And this:
She's gorgeous. Maddy should be coming into season soon.
We're hoping for an early summer litter. We'll keep everyone
apprised via this blogsite/website.
And might I just say:
I'm so glad it's spring! Even with the mud. 

And this is "MICK":  "Hearthside's McDreamy"

When he was a baby. Look at that face. That stance.
We went to Minnesota to get Mick and he was worth
every dollar spent and every minute it took.
And here is "Mick" today:

Isn't he just gorgeous?
We love him.
And we think Mick's been stepping out on Maddie with:

Yes, you guessed it:

Libby. The Poodle. Here is Libby:

Chocolate brown standard poodle. Great temperament.
Wonderful dog. Sweet as can be. We think there might be 
little "DOODLES" on the way, due around mid-May.

Doodles are adorable dogs, with the hybrid vigor that marks
a good cross. No-shed or Low-shed, our Doodle puppies
look like.... well..... THIS:

When they're puppies.

And they look like THIS:
(this is "Rufus", isn't he gorgeous?)


"Arley Doodles" has a poodle cut and her hair is more tightly curled than Rufus's but not as curly as Libby's.

And this is "Yogi Berra". Yes, they're Yankee lovers!
And yes, he looks like a big ol' bear.
Yogi was our FIRST "Doodle" sale.
And he loves his home and his family outside of Syracuse.

Feel free to call us for up-to-date litter info:

Thank you and God bless you!