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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Doodles On The Way!!!!

 These are six-week old baby Doodles, a low-shed or no-shed
cross between Mick (Hearthside's McDreamy) and Libby (Hearthside's Lady Liberty)
Aren't they adorable???

Libby is showing signs of real, true-life pregnancy, not that false pregnancy stuff dogs like to do.

Expected date of arrival:   May 6-9th.

Puppies will be availableJune 20th or thereabouts, once they've been vet-checked. 

We'll keep everyone posted as things progress.

Maddie is showing early signs of going into heat... Right on schedule. We'll keep you updated here (if you don't think it's TOO WEIRD to be checking on a dog's love life...) and let you know what happens.


You can most likely figure out WHAT HAPPENS, but we'll let you know if it happens SUCCESSFULLY. Okay???

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