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Thursday, June 16, 2011


This is our beautiful Maddie with her new babies.
5 Males.
4 Females.
Gorgeous babies.
(and if you're paying attention, yes, the numbers just reversed. Obviously someone had a sex change operation when my back was turned on Thursday!
Cheeky puppies!  :)
She is like the world's best mother.
Sweet. Gentle. Attentive.
Congratulations, Maddie! And thank you for
being such a big part of our family project!
Maddie's puppies will be available in 6 weeks +/-.
Waiting list already has three names. If you're interested
in being added to the waiting list (no deposit, no firm commitment until time to pick out puppies in 4-5 weeks) please e-mail us at
Call 585-392-2763


4 Goldendoodles Remaining! 
One female:
Yes, she's curious. Adorable. Very sweet-natured!

And Three Males Remaining!!!!

This guy is wavy-haired, has a more retriever type face and 
a tiny white goatee...
Very TODAY!!  ;) 
He's sweet, gentle and loves to curl up with people. A true

Oh my stars, he's beautiful! This is the biggest boy, he's 
easy-going but loves to play. He follows my voice
and already likes to walk alongside me, just like his daddy
did years ago. 

This little guy isn't black, he's sable.
Brown hair is coming through, giving him a distinctive look.
He's a good-sized puppy with bits of white and looks like his
brown coloring will hold true.

Phone 585-392-2763 to set up a time to meet us and these 
adorable puppies!

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