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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Puppy Pictures!

 This is Fluffy. Don't ask. Nolan named her.
Nolan is four and thinks Fluffy is a great name.
I have learned to never argue with a 4 year old.
 This is Kenna's puppy to help raise.
And yes, this puppy has a house name. I forgot what it is.
Oops. So for right now, it's Kenna's puppy.
 This is Kathryn with "Lupita". We think it sounds
like "little wolf". So if you use your imagination
(and you're a tween girl who loves fantasy stories)
then a black, curly "little wolf" works. Right?
 This is Allison and Brooke with "Little Bit".
She's the smallest female, all black and just a sweetheart.
But she stands her ground as needed with her burly brothers.
That's my kind of girl!
 This is Casey with Sleepy Poppy. This puppy makes "laid back" seem like a busy phrase.
Sweet. Easy going. Loves to cuddle. Great at ignoring the antics of the others.
 Cole is snuggling Tiny Storm. I'm not sure where the name came from. It doesn't matter. It's a GREAT NAME and he's stickin' to it.
Look at that face.... Aww....
And last but not least is "Charlie". My friend Kyle claimed naming rights to the first-born male.
Maybe there's some royal blood there? 
Charlie is a sweetheart and has a tiny white star at the base of his neck.
Sweet. Beautiful. And yes...
Acclimated with children, as you can see!
Price:  $600.00
A non-refundable $100.00 deposit holds your puppy until pick-up time, June 15th. A later pick-up can be arranged. We understand how crazy schedules get.
Call 585-392-2763 for more info or to set up a time to visit.

The Blodgett family

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