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Saturday, March 17, 2012

No Puppies Yet!!!!!

But we can see them moving inside.... And Mama is acting like she's ready. Hunting for a spot... Digging holes because her instinct tells her she needs to make a "den"....

My instinct says I don't want to fish puppies out from beneath the shed, so I've limited her digging opportunities!

Silly dog.

Here's a pic of the birthing center, ready for the moment:

And here's a picture of Sadie.... And Maple, our house calico who gave birth to six tiny kittens In The Kitchen.... Yes, she likes to be around people, she's a social cat.... three days ago. She and Sadie were due within a few days of each other, so things are happening here!

And here's a pic of Maple with her babies... In the laundry basket, in the kitchen.  I'm glad my animals love me!

Aren't they adorable????  All are doing well. And they're waiting for puppies to play with!

I'll post again once the happy occasion has occurred. We're praying for a safe and sound delivery for all concerned.

At this point we have five people on the "Interest List" for Sadie's litter, and we're grateful for the continued interest in our little endeavor! God bless you all.


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