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Monday, March 5, 2012

Puppies Coming!!!!

We've had it on good authority from the canine stork that Sadie....

This is Sadie... 

And Mick....

Will have puppies in about two weeks time. Sadie tends to deliver around day 58-60 so we're on puppy watch after March 16th!!!!!

Sadie's litter for 2011
We will post the birth announcement right here when the happy occasion occurs. We're praying for a healthy and happy delivery for all!

If you'd like to be put on the "interest list" please call us at 585-392-2763. There is no obligation on your part to be on the interest list, it just serves as information for us to know how many people are interested in a given litter. No deposits are accepted until pups are born.  E-mail is


Libby ....

our beautiful chocolate brown standard poodle... One of the best dogs I've ever owned, smart, affectionate, well-mannered...


Are expecting as well and their puppies look like this little guy right here!  Isn't he adorable?  Their puppies are due about a week after Sadie's due to whelp. This is a Golden Doodle. Yes, he's black. And mom is dark brown. And Mick is red/gold. 

I do not know how this happens, but I'm assured it's quite normal in Dog World.

We are beginning an "interest list" for the upcoming Doodles as well. If you'd like your name on the interest list, please call us at 585-392-2763. Puppy choices will be determined by your placement on the list but no deposits are taken until puppies are born and you're sure that you'd like one. Thank you!

Stay tuned for further updates in "SPRINGING INTO PUPPIES!"

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