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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Puppies! Puppies! Puppies!

Lucy, checking out Donnegal (he's available) while he checks out the ivy wall!

The Puppies Are Growing!!!!

Here is a picture of "Donnegal"... Yes, the little kids named him, isn't he gorgeous??? And of course, you can pick your own name!

Obviously, he's planning to change the channel, LOL!

And here he is playing with Elijah, our two-year-old grandson...

He's crazy big for five weeks old!

Donnegal will turn red as he matures. The color of his ear tips and muzzle reflect his "adult" color...

Donnegal is from a "Mick" X "Sadie" cross, a gorgeous red-toned retriever puppy from a long line of healthy field champion Midwestern Golden Retriever stock.

Donnegal will be vet checked, he's AKC registered, he's strong, sturdy, big and delightfully smart. All of our puppies are integrated with children, cats, kittens, people and noise. Puppies are raised in our home for optimum socialization until they're too big for the laundry room.

Price:  $600

Call 585-392-2763 to set up a time to meet us and see Donnegal or the Doodles...

And the Doodles!!!

All walking, climbing, barking little baby barks!  They're adorable. Their hair is just beginning to curl. More pics of them coming....

Okay, here are more pics!!!

Look. At. That. Face.


Some of the Doodles are now getting brown/sable highlights in their hair..

And curls! They're so stinkin' cute!

And here are some pics of our Goldens with homes already:

Mario, showing the sock who's boss!!!

This is Donnegal, exploring....

And this is Donnegal, again, checking out the ivy wall...

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