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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Puppy Video!!!! Sadie's Babies!

Okay, this is a quick video of Sadie's babies... Mom's outside, I'd just changed the bedding and they're just beginning to yip... And they've opened their eyes!

How adorable is that?

All Goldens are spoken for. We have two people on the interest list for Doodles so far. Call us at 585-392-2763 if you'd like to be added to the Doodle Interest List. No deposit required until you're ready to commit to a puppy.

Goldens will go to their new homes the first week of May, give or take.

Doodles will go to their new homes mid-May.  Price is $600, $100 deposit holds your puppy once you pick one out.

Here are some still shots:

Snuggling his brother!

And here are the baby doodles! They're growing beautifully... Libby is such a good mom. And a couple of them are showing more patches of white and hints of brown. What a lovely bunch of dogs they'll be.

And here's another couple of Golden Retriever shots with Lisa and Nolan, two of my buds. They're holding the males.

And here's a shot of Nolan, trying to wangle his mother into picking the puppy on his lap...  ;)

They're beautiful, aren't they? 

We'll start receiving puppy visitors after Easter. Please call 585-392-2763 and we'll set up a time that works for all.

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